Potted Plants

Abstract leaves against a textured backdrop.

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Potted Plants introduces a delightful homage to the beauty of nature brought indoors. This design embraces a collection of abstract leaves, each carefully crafted with intricate layered textures. The background features a subtle leaf texture, adding depth and dimension to the overall composition. The color palette is minimalist, yet impactful, with creamy hues creating a serene backdrop, while touches of ebony and ochre infuse the design with a modern and vibrant twist.

Pearlescent Media Specifications
  • Appearance: Light
  • Color: White
  • Surface Effect: Glossy sheen
  • Roll Width: 63 inches
  • Roll Length: 164 feet
  • Core Diameter: 3 inches
  • Weight: ~55 lb/roll
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Non-Woven: ~1.77 oz/yd2
  • Coating: 5.9-7.4 oz/yd2
  • Printing Method: Digital printing with water soluble latex based inks using a CMYK color profile.
  • Indoor Suitability Ranking: AgBB/DIBt certification and class A+
  • Washability: Washable according to ISO 12956 *
  • Light Fatness: Good light fastness according to ISO 105-B02
  • Fire Resistance: Class A (according to ASTM E84)

*For added scrubbability and resistance to elements, please consider applying a roll-on varnish after wall application.

Additional information

Substrate Material:

Pearl, Matte, Suede, Chameleon, 3M™ Vinyl (Flat)

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