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Verna Vélin delivers a new way to add depth to a wall covering, and beautiful art to a space.

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With 300+ design options, your space can take on a whole new dimension.


Beauty that Endures

Our embossed wallpaper entices the senses and delights through form and function. Whether installed in residential, hospitality, commercial, multi-family, or healthcare projects you can rely on Verna Vélin’s durability, light fastness, and washable properties.

Custom Solutions

Work with our design team to create a bespoke solution perfect for your project.

Replicate Genius

Digital copies of original paintings have become popular for interior decoration, and designers strive to produce high-quality prints that closely resemble the originals while also being affordable and easy to produce. Verna Vélin can recreate the brush strokes and surface structures to convey the artist’s intended image accurately. This technique allows for highly detailed replicas that closely resemble the original artwork.

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