Experience your art like never before.

Original Artwork Remastered

Emulate original paint strokes and recreate your favorite masterpiece to scale, or larger than life.

Verna Vélin’s dimensional printing process makes replicating classic art affordable and accessible.

  • Jazz Man

    Textured painting captures jazz’s soulful serenade.

    SKU: #00240
  • VanGogh Sunflower Replica

    A textural replica of Van Gogh’s famous artwork.

    SKU: #00242
  • Japanese Woman (Silver)

    A silver-backed portrait of a Japanese woman holding a tea cup.

    SKU: #00150
  • Japanese Woman

    A traditional style portrait of a Japanese woman holding a teacup.

    SKU: #00149
  • Ballerina

    An expressive painting of a ballerina dancing.

    SKU: #00148