Classic Style Meets New Tech




When it debuted in spring 2023, Michigan-based wallcoverings manufacturer came prepared, offering more than 300 digitally printed designs in its inaugural Signature Wallpaper Collection. 

The embossed wallpaper designs are made from a foam-based material and digitally printed with water-soluble latex-based and structural ink; the textured surface is achieved when the paper is passed through a heating element, which causes any area not weighed down by pigments to rise. 

Ranging from large-scale florals and graphic geometrics to architectural structures and industrial materials, the statement-making patterns are available in seven substrates, including the iridescent Pearl; Paintable, which also allows for colour customization; Chameleon, which changes colour depending on the angle and direction it’s viewed; as well as Matte, Suede, Silver and Gold. 

A vast selection of colourways is available and can be tinted to suit a desired aesthetic. The durable, light-fast, fire-resistant and washable wallpapers are suitable for use in private residences as well as commercial, hospitality and healthcare spaces.