Wall Covering Maker Verna Vélin Launches Signature Collection




BLOOMFIELD HILL, MICH.—Verna Vélin—the premier embossed wall covering manufacturer utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce unmatched designs—announces the launch of its Signature Collection. It is inspired by the rich dimensional brush strokes of dynamic paintings and the deckled edges of handmade paper.

“At Verna Vélin, we believe design should be bold, thought-provoking, and innovative. Our wall coverings use the latest innovations in printing technology to deliver rich textures previously unimaginable,” says Shauna Ryder, CEO of Verna Vélin. “These embossed wall coverings will inspire high-end residential and commercial designers to add richness and texture to their designs in ways that could not be done without Verna Vélin.”

Using cutting-edge printing technology, all of Verna Vélin’s wall coverings feature an embossed surface. With over 300 patterns and custom designs, Verna Vélin is fit for every space from hotel lobbies and luxury apartment complexes to corporate offices and university student centers. Verna Vélin’s signature full-circle customer experience, and bespoke and standard designs are fully supported by their experts from concept to delivery.